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Dog walking  20 minutes $18.00 additional dog same family $5.00, may be additional charge for larger dogs. Play fetch, belly rubs and love for all our furfriends.

Dog walking 30 minutes $23.00 additional dog same family $5.00

Dog sitting consisting of morning and evening walk and feeding $45.00 per night. Owner supplied food extra chare for more then one dog.

Dog sitting consisting of morning feeding and walk, afternoon walk and evening walk $55.00 each additional dog same family $10.00.  owner supplied food.

************EXTRA CHARGE FOR LEGAL HOLIDAYS. $5.00 per service.

  Never an extra charge for medications, refresh of water bowls and the occasinal clean up of that opps.  never a charge for LOVE, belly rubs, hugs, or just plain fun!!!!!!!

While your away we can send pictures of your pet to your e mail if you would like.

Extra charges for service outside our 20 mile service area. Sorry we will need to add an additional $1.00 up to 25 miles $2.00 up to 30 miles an so on.   

Most of the time we can assist with short notice, give us a call we will do our best to make arrangements.

****** Our clients can enjoy our lock out service.....Did you lock youself out of the house give us a call if we are holding your keys we will bring a set to you for a small service charge of $18.00 ******* 

                 *** 24 hour notice required for cancellation of service***  

Puppy Potty Breaks for the little ones, let's make special arrangements for the new baby................. Please remember the little ones need to go out every 3 hours until they are 4 months old. This service includes feeding and crate cleaning if needed, play time and love.

We will also care for the other little friends:

Cat box cleaning every other day $12.00 per week single cat; multi cats will need to be cleaned more often. This including feeding.

We can take in your mail, feed your fish water the plants, just like you were at home. hakona matata. no worries.

No time to get to the vet or groomer, we can do it for you, let us be your Pet Taxi, dog washing also available.  Call for pricing.

Don't forget those special events, a night out,or parties let us care for your little friend while you have a great time and no need to worry about fido. 

Ask about our Poopie Pickin service

As long as yard has been cleaned within a week 1 dog 1 cleaning per week will be $20.00 or $65.00 a month.. 2 dogs service will be $25.00 per week or $85.00 per month

Pet sitting in your home is also available if you desire, we can stay in your home after the last walk of the evening so your four legged family member isn't lonely. Why not let them remain in the home they know and love avoid the stress of other Dogs and animals they are not familiar with. 

We can send Pictures E-mail, or Text you after your service if you would like.

Lets get together and work out the best plan to suit your needs.

Lets not forget some of the things we will need:

Emergency contact numbers, veterinarians phone number and address, any allergy information, secret key box location, alarm code if necessary. Locations of food, meds, leash, treats, bowls, the amount of food your pet receives. And most of all tendenccies..... what does he or she love "like to be scratched behind the ears".........

My name is Summer I am way tired, lets play later.

Every little bit helps.

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